4 Essential tips for International Students to Land a Job in the USA

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4 Essential tips for International Students to land a Job in the USA

So let me start off with telling you something about myself. I am an International Student from India, studying Computer Engineering in Binghamton University (or SUNY at Binghamton for people who really enjoy being particular). I am currently in my senior year (of my Undergrad degree) and am applying for jobs.

Just because my friends were going to the centers that help you find the jobs, I went to one of the meetings only to find out there are MANY things that I did not know. Maybe that was the reason why I was getting no offers yet.

So, for my shy friends around the world, this article is a collection of the things I have learnt in those help rooms which I visited frequently in the last couple of months. The information that I collected is not available in abundance and I think they are worth sharing. So here it goes…

TIP #1  : Change you resume to apply for different companies

When applying online, DO NOT use the same resume to apply to all the jobs. The best thing to do is to read the qualifications or the requirement page that the employer has included and tweak the resume accordingly. Prepare a resume which has titles such as “Technical Skills”, “Professional Experience”, “Relevant Experience” and “Leadership Experience”.

Also, make sure your resume is one page long ONLY. (Only because the employer is just as lazy like you when it comes to reading)

TIP #2 :  Have Cover Letter

Contrary to popular beliefs, this is not at all “optional”. Spend those painful hours in order to include a cover letter while applying online. Make sure you include all the things that are stated by the employer on the requirement for that particular job. If you can, give it a bit of a personal touch or an attitude that could make you stand out from the rest.

TIP #3 : Do not say that you are an International student

Yes, this is one of the major things that I have realized over a few years. To begin with, you do not want to give any chance to the employers to even think that it would require some additional work to keep you in the company’s workforce over the years. Tell them about your heritage and all only if they ask for it. Also, apply to all the companies regardless if they allow International students to work for them.

Tip #4: Have Fun

Life is all about this. Don’t overthink for a job and do not dwell upon missed opportunities. “Carpe Diem”

…good luck


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