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How to train your mind to think positive

How to train your mind to think positive at all times.

What I’m about to tell you is an extremely simple and effective way to stop negative thoughts from ruining your life. Let’s be honest, sometimes life becomes so hard and stressful that it is nearly impossible to stay positive and hence it is very crucial to have a ‘tool’ or a ‘trick’ in hand to help us stop negative thoughts.

The first step we that we need to take, to stop negative thoughts is becoming aware of them. Thoughts are like trains, once they start it is hard to stop them. All it takes is one negative thought and before you know it, 10 minutes have passed and you have thought all sorts of negative scenarios in your head. We have all been there.

So here is the trick I have successfully used to stop negative thoughts :

Step 1

Become aware that you are thinking negatively, you cannot fight what you do not know. Become a detective and try to catch yourself thinking negatively.

how to train your mind to think positive

Step 2

Shift your focus : Pinch yourself on your wrist, dance, make weird noises like “lalalalala” or do whatever you can to bring yourself back to the present moment.

Step 3

Now that you have become fully present in the moment, you can replace the negative thought with a positive one. Our mind is like a projector, it can only play one movie at a time. Replace the negative thought with a positive memory or experience, something that always brings a smile to your face. The more you practice it, the better you will get at shifting your state from negative to positive.

Now here’s the deal, when we think something over and over again we create neuro-pathways(roads) in our brain related to those thoughts and hence it is easier for us to think negatively. You might have heard of the phrase “Use it or Lose it”, it is perfectly applicable in this context. When we don’t think about something for a long time, we tend to forget it. So what we have to do is play positive memories and experiences again and again in our heads so that the neuro-pathways related to such thoughts becomes stronger and avoid the negative thoughts as much as possible to gradually erase those neuro-pathways.

It just takes 2 minutes at a time. Do this for 21 days without fail and you will realize that it is now easier for you to stay positive.

Quick Recap : Become Aware-> Shift Focus -> Replace with positive thoughts and hence, stop negative thoughts.

One last thing, if you found this post to be helpful kindly comment your views and share the post so that more and more people get to lives their lives positively. Thank You!

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